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Design Digest is an Italian company that designs and produces contemporary steel accessories. Our creations are molded as a process of pure alchemy, where design and craftsmanship becomes one with the modern experimentation. The objects are distinguished by geometric cuts and volumes.
We want to tell, through our creations, things that we want to wear or have around us. The essence of our approach is minimalist but at the same time personal and emotional. Over time our collections have evolved through the exploration of the masculine and feminine, mixing forms and trying to maintain an expression of strong sensuality.

All our products are made of 304 stainless steel.
Steel is a refined material, which sees its main application in the marine and architecture. We decided to reinterpret the material through the design of fashion accessories keeping his noble qualities of strength and clarity creating objects with refined details.

All our products are made only with materials of excellence and are handmade finished by skilled artisans.

We work with a compelling sense of abstraction, surpassing codes, gender or even the sense of style; our challenge is to explore a silhouette in depth, in its all possibilities.

The women who wear our accessories leave nothing to chance.
They love to anticipate the time with careful consideration and strong intuition to recognize the beauty through painstaking research.
Dress sober lines paying attention to the materials and to history of the items, they let fascinate by the original concept of every object who they have: that’s why they chose it with care.